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Thursday, March 27, 2008

My More Merely

My More Merely

by Morgan Lucas Schuldt

In this surround, above the downs,
are my kind of live.

An mmhmm her

Cherry get, if gotten you be.
Otherhow unhindered by the things

of me. Things like: junk-hold lungs,
bouts with be, the umm-hush & long static of kinda can.

Are twenty-six flavors of -elicious
& what-if’s head-fuck nagging blood-back for more

cream & rush, heave & shush––
dirt-back glares having some pull over the percentages.

No tut-tut strut, no lapse in gush. Just holier than wow
an old-fashioned dumb-lovely ahh yes! suitable for basking.

Sheer towardness, raredear, I’d sky-write
a surrender for.

Little red likelihooded
I lust so much.



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