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Saturday, June 25, 2005

Reb Livingston - The Skirmish

for TB

A crimson string bikini is a cruel flag
to raise to an older sister,
the stubby sister,
who always prided herself busty
in a family of tall slender women.
Once, months before, she carelessly said,
"You may be taller than me,
but I'll always have bigger breasts."
So wave your double D's on your 14-year-old frame.
Cheer your victory of long legs and bountiful bosoms.
Your sister has already formulated her next attack,
"In 40 years you'll be sitting on a bus,
your breasts sagging against your knees.
You'll be trying to avoid conversation
with the man with hoagie breath
while I'll be in Paris
in my slight, but still-tight bouncy frame,
getting laid."

[from Unpleasant Event Schedule]

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Reb said...

Dear John Ashbery Fan,

Thanks for the shout out.